Safety Travel Tips
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Safety Travel Tips

Trust your instincts especially if you are new to a place. If you are surrounded with aggressive people who make you feel uncomfortable, be alert and get out of there.

Travelling alone can sometimes be a dangerous adventure because you do not know what is going to happen along the way. This is especially true for women and older people who love to travel by themselves. Unforeseen events, dangers, circumstances or your health problem may occur anytime even in your least expected moment. Thus, it is wiser to travel smarter. Here are some tips for a safer travel:

• A guidebook is very important and useful when travelling alone.

• Avoid walking alone in dark and isolated roads or alleys. For a safer travel, go only to places with the presence of crowd of people. Mixing and blending with the crowds can make you unnoticeable to anyone.

• Be aware of the country’s culture before you plan your trip there. Respect their dress code accordingly so you can mix comfortably with the local people.

• Be aware of your entire surrounding. If you are new in a place and staying in a hotel, try to familiarize the street names and memorize landmarks so you won’t get lost. Take heed also of the people around you just to be sure that no one is watching and following you.

• Carefully plan ahead and be prepared for your trip. Calculate the time that your will be arriving in your hotel destination and make sure to get there before night time. Make sure that you have enough money in your pocket so you need not go to an ATM anymore.

• Don’t display your expensive jewelries. It can attract attention.

• Enjoy your trip but don’t get drunk in a foreign land. It can be dangerous for you on your way to your hotel especially if the taxi cab driver is aware that you are a foreigner.

• If you meet new friends or acquaintances in a foreign land, don’t trust them with all your heart because you do not know them that much yet. Don’t go with them if they invite you to a certain place that you don’t even know where.

• Leave your valuables in hotel safe, if there is any.

• Make friends with fellow travelers so you can help and watch each other’s back.

• Make sure that when you arrived in a foreign land, you have already a clear destination on where you will directly check in. Having booked in advanced in a hotel can make your travel hassle-free and stress-free.

• Trust your instincts especially if you are new to a place. If you are surrounded with aggressive people who make you feel uncomfortable, be alert and get out of there.

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